Our New Logo

When we set out to create a new visual identity for Nebraska State Credit Union, we knew that we wanted a logo that wholly encompassed our shared values, mission, and commitment to you, our members.

Introducing our new look

Our new logo represents the state physically, while showcasing the credit union’s offerings, values, and growth in one bold, simple mark. This minimalist interpretation of Nebraska is broken up into three distinct lines.

Memorialized commitment

We believe it’s important to emphasize our history while looking forward. The top two lines represent our foundation of trust and commitment to helping you achieve your financial goals and dreams. They also represent our continued dedication to the core values we hold dear as a community institution.

Looking forward

The bottom line, inching forward, represents our credit union’s advancement and continued growth. It is a pledge to you, that while we are proud of our history and strong foundation, we will never stop improving your membership experience.

Perfectly balanced

Together, the three lines represent Nebraska State’s three main services — checking/savings, loans, and investments, as well as the three core cornerstones of our mission — outstanding customer service, loyal culture, and competitive rates and technology.

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